Naetle Collection Pictures – ナエトルコレクション

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Pictures of a fantastic collection of Naetle (original Japanese name of Turtwig) items have been posted at Naetoru Mandju’s blog. The link’s below.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns – Don’t Ever Come Back

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I remember reading a Shigeru Miyamoto interview ages ago (in Next Generation magazine I think) when he was working on Mario 64. He mentioned that when he develops a new game mechanic, he would hold the controller in his hands and try the different possible methods that he thought were good for executing that mechanic in order to see how well it worked on an actual controller. Well, I bet there’s none of that going at Nintendo ever since the Wii-remote motioned it’s ugly head.

Shigeru Miyamoto

What the heck is he doing?

There have been a number of Nintendo-developed or published games that use the worse implementation of motion controls possible, shaking the Wii-remote, to perform moves that no sane game designer would ever map to the shaking of the controller (picking up stuff in New Super Mario Bros. Wii). It’s been going on for a while and it’s always gotten on my nerves, but I’ve never been as annoyed with it as I’ve been with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Just look at how angry I am 😡

First function of shaking the Wii remote is to execute DK’s roll move, the same one that you used to be able to do by simply pressing the Y-button in the original Donkey Kong Country 17-years ago. When you get the imba-power up that is Diddy Kong, you’re able to do an infinite roll by infinitely shaking the goddamn Wii-remote – if you stop shaking,  you stop rolling. So if you want to use the game’s best move you’re going to have shake the controller for just about the whole duration of the level.

One of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while are the hidden items in flowers that you reveal by blowing the flowers. And how is that executed? You hold down on the d-pad and shake the controller as if you were trying dislodge its battery cover without using your hands. It’s the most successful bad part of the game. Isn’t it more fun to shake the controller widely instead of pressing a button?

I’m sure Nintendo forced Retro Studios to include these dumb ideas into the game. Control shaking is too stupid and appears too much in Nintendo published or designed Platform games for it not to be forced on the game’s designers.

(Video) Sonic 4 Physics

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This video clearly highlights some of the issues I mentioned in my previous post about Sonic 4.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 (PS3)

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I bought it on Wednesday for the PS3, but I still haven’t had a chance play it much. I have some initial impressions.

Momentum doesn’t seem to be as big of an influence over your movement as it used to be. In fact, if you’re going rolling around at the speed of sounds and then jump without holding any directions Sonic will very quickly lose all momentum and stop in the air as if he hit da brakes. You need to be holding the same direction you’re going in when jumping to keep that momentum, apparently. You could, for example, roll off a platform and just suddenly lose momentum and drop to the ground if you’re not touching the dpad. First time I experienced this it was pretty weird! In fact, you pretty much have to be holding a direction to not completely lose your momentum, even on ground. I’ve experimented a bit with stopping by holding the opposite direction when running vs just letting go of the Dpad and there’s only a slight difference.

The homing attack is really weird, it doesn’t behave like it did in any other Sonic game, not even the 2D ones on the GBA and DS. I’ve only faced a few situations where it can be used in an interesting way. It can also instantly kill your momentum, which I guess could have it’s uses.

Combine the momentum thing with the homing attack and you’ve got some weird Sonic game physics that you’ve got to get used to.

I haven’t played all the stages yet, but most of them aren’t that good, and I’ve seen some that I haven’t gotten to that seem worse (Donkey Kong Country mine cart stage. I read there’s a part with a torch puzzle! WTF?!). The “new” stage gimmicks I’ve faced so far have only pissed me off, such as the gears in the Mad Gear zone (set in the sewers of Metro City).

I think that there’s potential for interesting things to happen with the new physics and homing attack, but I’m not sure yet if it’s enbetterment or enbaddenment. Plus, I don’t think that the stage design has been good enough yet.

Hey! The music is good so far.

Here’s an interesting video of the game being played well:

Coulda, Shoulder, Woulda

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